domingo, 4 de diciembre de 2011

Water Conservation in Our Environment

Water Conservation in Our Environment

As part of the Clean Water Zoo Frenzy project , children in María Duchicela de Tanda´s school in Ecuador, have been made an investigation called Water conservation in our environment.
For this work, children  from Year 5: 10-11 (ages)  have been  working with national  organizations such as Yaku -Water Museum in order to raise community awareness of the importance of conserving water in our ecosystem.
Students have been divided into three groups:
Group 1: Ecological reserves in Ecuador

Group 2: Filtration and purification of water:

Group 3: Endangered species in Ecuador due to lack of water and pollution.

The students have done a preliminary investigation of each topic. Then they done a exhibition with posters in the classroom and  after, they interacted on a social network collaborative project called Club Networking.
In this social network,  we have created a working group called “Guardians of the water” where each group has collaborated with ideas and research issues across 3 discussions forums.

The children shared their research about water, have learned from other groups and have made a Power Point presentation that is attached above to present the issues.

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